A Daughter's View Of Her Famous Father

Updated Thu, Sep 20, 2012 9:00 am
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Sun, Sep 2, 2012

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Elliot Nicolson
L-R: Doug McCabe, Victoria Ryan-Bida
Doug McCabe talks with Victoria Ryan-Bida

On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, host Doug McCabe talks with Victoria Ryan-Bida, daughter of the famed military writer and historian Cornelius Ryan.

The Cornelius Ryan Collection is housed in the Ohio University Archives, where host McCabe is curator of manuscript collections.

Ryan-Bida discusses her childhood, her understanding of her father’s work, and his battle with cancer late in his life.

For more information on the Cornelius Ryan Collection and the Ohio University Archives, visit www.library.ohiou.edu/about/collections/archives-special-collections/