Ross County Election Results

Allen Henry

Updated Wed, Nov 7, 2012 12:43 am

Incumbency seemed to be a helping hand for Ross County officials on elections night.

County Commissioner James Caldwell won re-election with 14,469 votes over challenger Bert Henshaw who received 12,736 votes

Stephen Neal won the open county commissioner seat with 16,341 votes compared to Jeffrey Henness' 11,335 votes.

In the race for Clerk of Court of Common Pleas, Ty Hinton earned 15,406 votes to win re-election over the 12,047 votes earned by Todd Bennett.

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender, Jr. won 17,858 votes to retain his seat over challenger Dale Gillette's 10,670 votes.

County Recorder Kathy Dunn will also retain her seat with 16,601 votes besting Robert Cenci's 10.799 votes.

Ross County voters renewed a levy that would provide support for children services and care at 1 mill over 5 years. Voters renewed this with 17,497 votes for it while 10,734 were against.

The Zane Trace School levy was renewed as well, which would provide funds for current operating expenses for the emergency requirements of the district at 1.4 mills over 5 years.