ABC Players Celebrate Season With Classic Fairy Tale

Updated Wed, Nov 28, 2012 1:14 pm
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Abigail S. Fisher
Jodi MacNeal, Hannah Bruckner and Sydni Roell star in the ABC Players production of "Hansel and Gretel"
Celeste Parsons talks with the cast of "Hansel and Gretel"

On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, Celeste Parsons talks with Lizzy Bogoniewski, Nathan Hashman and Linda Watkins about the ABC Players' musical production of Hansel and Gretel.

Kicking off the holiday season at Stuart’s Opera House, Hansel and Gretel is a Christmas story about a poor family whose children wander into the deep woods where they find a witch who lives in a gingerbread cottage.

Directed by Celeste Parsons with musical direction by David Tadlock, this ABC Players production tells the classic fairy tale while weaving in musical numbers from the opera by Englebert Humperdinck.

Suitable for all ages, this is the story of Hansel (Hannah Bruckner), Gretel (Sydni Roell) and their parents (Kaylla Steadman and Nathan Hashman).

As Hansel and Gretel venture into the woods just before Christmas, they encounter the Dew Fairy (Andrea Thompson), the Sandman (Linda Watkins) and, of course, the Witch (Jodi MacNeal).

Rounding out the cast are Lizzy Bogoniewski, Fox Thompson, Grace Chambers, Ayla Snyder, Irie Green and Tatum L’Heureux as Gingerbread Kids.

The technical crew includes Suzanne Ragg as stage manager, Ardelle Donohue as props manager, Carol Ault as lighting designer and Jane Tompkins and Patty Witmer as costumers.

The musical will be performed at Stuart’s Opera House Nov. 30 through Dec. 2, with each performance followed by caroling in the lobby.

As with every year’s ABC Players holiday show, all profits will support Stuart’s Opera House and all donations for refreshments will benefit the Nelsonville Food Cupboard.

Visit for tickets and information.

Slideshow: ABC Players' "Hansel and Gretel"

Abigail S. Fisher

Margaretha (Kaylla Steadman) scolds Gretel (Sydni Roell) for spilling the milk that was to be the family's only supper

Abigail S. Fisher

Margaretha (Kaylla Steadman) marvels over the good things that Johann (Nathan Hashman) has brought home for their Christmas supper

Abigail S. Fisher

Johann (Nathan Hashman) sings "Hunger is the Poor Man's Cook" to Margaretha (Kaylla Steadman)

Abigail S. Fisher

Hansel (Hannah Bruckner) and Gretel (Sydni Roell) remember the fun they have had playing in the woods

Abigail S. Fisher

The Sandman (Linda Watkins) comes to send Hansel (Hannah Bruckner) and Gretel (Sydni Roell) to sleep with peaceful dreams

Abigail S. Fisher

Gretel (Sydni Roell) urges Hansel (Hannah Bruckner) to "Come and dance with me"

Abigail S. Fisher

The Dew Fairy (Andrea Thompson) wakes Hansel (Hannah Bruckner) and Gretel (Sydni Roell) in the morning

Abigail S. Fisher

The Witch (Jodi MacNeal) describes the delicious treats she has to Hansel (Hannah Bruckner) and Gretel (Sydni Roell)

Abigail S. Fisher

The Witch (Jodi MacNeal) gloats that Hansel (Hannah Bruckner) has eaten all the cookies she brought him, and should be nice and fat