Officials Target Ohio Streams For Toxic Algae Blooms

Associated Press

Updated Tue, May 28, 2013 11:28 am

Ohio environmental officials are focusing on six major streams as they try to cut pollutants that help toxic algae thrive in the state's lakes and other waterways.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has for years worked to cut manure and fertilizer runoff from Ohio farms and pollutants from sewage treatment plants that contribute to poisonous blooms of blue-green algae in Lake Erie and Grand Lake St. Marys in western Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the state EPA will focus on the Scioto, Great Miami, Maumee, Sandusky, Cuyahoga and Wabash rivers.

The Scioto River in central Ohio and Wabash River in Great Miami in southwestern Ohio are associated with runoff that contributes to pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.