Accessibility And Inclusion At Ohio University

Updated Mon, Sep 23, 2013 4:02 pm
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Sun, Feb 24, 2013

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L-R: Laura Myers, Darrell Purdy, Lacey Hawk, Joan Butcher
Joan Butcher talks with Laura Myers, Darrell Purdy and Lacey Hawk

On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, host Joan Butcher talks with Laura Myers and Darrell Purdy of the Office for Institutional Equity at Ohio University, and Lacey Hawk, the assistant to Ohio University’s chief information officer.

Butcher, Myers, Purdy, and Hawk discuss issues of accessibility and inclusion at Ohio University, the Presidential Advisory Council on Disability and Accessibility Planning, and Ohio University’s 2013 Tech-Ability workshop.

"When we talk about disability and inclusion, we’re really talking about a civil rights issue. Most people think about accessibility as being about ramps and having restroom facilities that are set up in a particular way. But actually, under the federal legal framework, we’re looking at inclusion for people with disability as being about recognizing that a big part of our population – people who live with disabilities – have historically been under represented in our workforce and underrepresented in our academic programs and activities," said Myers.