Logan Girl Creates Video Adaptation Of "Lord Of The Rings"

Gretchen Gregory - The Logan Daily News Editor

Updated Tue, Nov 5, 2013 9:51 am
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Gretchen Gregory
Logan High School student Hannah Barlow created a video adaptation of one chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring." Here Barlow holds the ring used in the filming sequence.

A Logan girl who enlisted the help of her theater friends at Logan High School and performed her video adaptation of Fellowship of the Ring will soon have a chance to view the film, which is now being edited by a family friend and professional cinematographer.

Hannah Barlow, 15, is a sophomore at Logan High School who started writing a video adaptation of the chapter "House of Tom Bombadil" three years ago when she was 12-years-old.

"It's a passion," Barlow explained. "It's something I've had an interest in for a long time and it just started with an idea and grew and grew."

While the chapter "House of Tom Bombadil" is not in the movie, Barlow set out to create her own version. Later on, family friend and cinematographer Danny Woods of Columbus volunteered to film the adaptation.

Woods recently won a national award for his work with Stay, which was about the Trash Mountain Project and the ministry's work in the Philippines.

"It's basically this break in the story of the Fellowship of the Ring, and they introduce this nonsensical funny rhyming character called Tom Bombadil," she said, explaining the chapter. "He's not in the movie because he's not integral to the plot, and he doesn't really do a whole lot."

In the chapter, as the hobbits make their way through the woods, they lose track of time when they're with Bombadil because he's kind of a father-time figure, she noted.

"No one really knows who he is, and he has a wife whose name is Goldberry, who I play in the adaptation," Barlow continued. "It's kind of whimsical, and it's almost as if the hobbits are making their way through the woods when they come upon him, so it's a break in the story."

"It's their first adventure, more or less," she added. "He actually rescues two hobbits who are stuck in the tree called Old Man Willow... Tom comes in and rescues them and they lose track of time and they're in a magical place."

Hannah Barlow and her mother Melane showcase the inside of the hobbit home (photo: Gretchen Gregory)

In Barlow's version of the chapter, though, she expands on one section that involves dreams the hobbits have while sleeping in the woods.

"Two of them have nightmares and one of them has a pleasant dream and he's dreaming of his lover back at home and kind of misses her and all that kind of stuff, but Frodo, the main character, has this kind of dream and it's really scary... So I played that up a bit and brought it into the story a whole lot more than what was mentioned in the book."

In the course of planning the scene to shoot the video, Barlow and her mother, Melane Barlow, perused the movie scenes to get ideas about props and costumes.

"It was fun to do that because you notice things you don't obviously notice in the movie," Melane explained. "Like in the village scene, there are two older men that are hobbits who were playing checkers with pieces of wood. I just went and got sticks and cut them with the table saw. Those are things that you wouldn't notice unless you were really looking."

Melane designs the choreography for theater productions at Logan High School as well as the Hilltop Singers.

The past two Saturdays, Barlow and her parents, including dad Don Barlow, and younger brother Ben Barlow, all pitched in to help perform.

According to Hannah, the video is now in the editing process and might be completed as early as next week.

"It was just fun to do," she said of the experience.

Theater students from Logan High School who assisted with the making of the video included Will Brooks, Andrew Wilkinson, Jacob Waugh, and John Cummin.

Also performing roles were Alex Barlow, Kendel Eades, Ian Gallagan and Mark Barrell, who works as a custodian at Logan High School and is a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings.

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Logan High School student Will Brooks performs the role of Tom Bombadil in the video adaptation of "Fellowship of the Ring," filmed in the woods behind the Barlow home.