Ohio's Ready to Learn Workshops

Ohio's Ready to Learn is a state-funded program targeted to home-based care providers. Participants are encouraged to sign-up for all three workshops as a series. Each workshop is 2 hours in length. Workshops are provided by the Ohio Educational Television Stations through a grant from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Workshops are free and Approved for Step Up to Quality Training Hours. ODJFS in-service forms will be provided to each participant. For specific information about workshops, call (740) 593-0359 and ask for the Suzanne Borchard the Ohio Ready to Learn Coordinator, or email at roberts1@ohio.edu.
ORTL  Workshops 
Workshop Descriptions 2011/2012***
Phase One:  CKC Social and Emotional Development Field Guide: Overview
This workshop looks at the newest of Ohio's Core Knowledge Early Childhood documents, Guiding Young Children's Behavior by Supporting Social and Emotional Development, the Field Guide.  Participants will be introduced to the Field Guide's content, discuss ways to support the social and emotional development of young children, be able to identify appropriate community resources and suggest activities for children to build skills.  AT104604
Phase Two:  Review of the ASQ:SE (Ages and Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional)  
This workshop is an updated version of one presented in 2007. It describes the features of the ASQ:SE and the benefits of developmental screening. Participants will practice scoring the ASQ:SE, review the value of sensitive communication of the screening results and the process for referring children, as well as making suggestions for appropriate follow-up activities.  AT104605
Phase Three:  Climbing the Competency Ladder in Health and Nutrition
Early childhood professionals have a key opportunity and responsibility to work with families to provide environments and experiences that lead children toward lifelong health and well-being. This workshop examines Ohio's Core Competencies in Health and Nutrition, and provides practical strategies to raise the level of competency among participants.  AT104610
All three workshops in a series:  Ohio Ready to Learn, 2011-2012 – AS104615
***Those who participated in Ohio's Ready to Learn in early 2011 are expected to bring their copies of the Business Administration Scale (BASE) and the Core Knowledge and Competencies (CORE) document to these sessions. All workshops are approved for SUTQ and AIE-CEU. Questions about the workshops or to schedule a set please contact: Suzanne Borchard at 740-593-0359 or email roberts1@ohio.edu