WOUB Available on New Mobile Public Radio Player

You can hear us off air, via live streams on your computer, and now on the iPhone. WOUB AM and FM are now available on the Public Radio Player, a free application that is bringing public radio programming to users of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A newly updated version of the player is now available, offering live streams, schedule information and programs on demand. If you have the older Public Radio "Tuner," then you may want to update to the new player for the added features.

The Public Radio Player essentially allows anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to streams from stations across the country. It has the features iPhone users expect from any "tuner" application -- search, a favorites list, and fast loading times. What sets this Player apart is how the collaborators' experience and their direct relationships with stations can create a listening experience custom-made for public radio's high-quality, diverse content.

The Public Radio Player came out of a unique collaboration between American Public Media (APM), National Public Radio (NPR), Public Interactive (PI), Public Radio Exchange (PRX), and Public Radio International (PRI). The project is led by PRX and supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


Public Radio Player

Download the free application from iTunes