You never know what you'll hear coming out of the radio on Sunday nights. At least, if you're listening to WOUB's FM network. Tune in as Rusty Smith and Mark Hellenberg rotate as hosts of the eclectic weekly show Audiosyncrasies.

So what the heck is Audiosyncrasies? That's exactly what we asked ourselves when we went on the air in 1984 and something we continue to ask from time to time.

Before there was anything called an Americana or Triple-A format, before Paul Simon's Graceland sparked an interest in World music, and when a lot of Alternative music was an alternative to music, WOUB-FM made the decision to pilot a music-driven, free-form program on our airwaves. The 90-minute program aired early in the evening, five days a week, with five different hosts.

Later, the show moved to its current Sunday night 8 p.m. to midnight time slot. The program has continued to flourish in this form since 1987 hosted by Mark Hellenberg and Rusty Smith. Hellenberg is a producer and Smith is Program Director for WOUB Radio. Hellenberg is also host for Crossing Boundaries, which airs weeknights from 7-10 p.m.

Audiosyncrasies offers a creative outlet for both hosts, who have extensive home music libraries and whose musical interests extend far beyond their daily hosting duties. For many years, both hosts have been involved in performing music on the local as well as national scene.

Their interest in many different styles of music -- from around the block to around the planet -- coupled with their love of radio, particularly the freeform radio of their youth, makes Audiosyncrasies a unique, idiosyncratic audio odyssey.

Try it and see!

Here's what we've been playing lately.