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Teen motivated to join after seeing television news coverage

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Regulators say small children can open up and crawl inside the bags
Utility says its receiving reports of customers getting phone calls demanding payment over the phone


Half-hour nightly television news program
Both sides taking to social media to give a first hand perspective to violence



Issue of HIV/AIDS still looms large over gay community


State records show the U.S. military has given armored vehicles, assault rifles and thousands of other types of surplus military equipment to Ohio law enforcement agencies in recent years.

A proposal has been submitted to the city of Athens for redeveloping the Court Street site now occupied by Dale’s BP.

A program geared at providing addiction services and other community justice efforts in Athens County was announced on Friday by the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office.

Regulators probing West Virginia American Water's response to a January chemical spill say they'll consider any and all information essential to their investigation.

The Ohio Department of Health is urging parents to make sure children are up-to-date on vaccinations to protect them and their classmates as they begin a new school year.

State officials say college students should watch their drinks as they head back to campuses around Ohio.

The federal government says about 6,000 Ohioans who signed up for the new health care law risk losing their taxpayer-subsidized insurance unless they act soon to resolve questions about their citizenship or immigration status.

Ohio thieves like Chevy pickup trucks.

A new report shows that the 1994 full-size Chevrolet pickup was the most common vehicle to be stolen in Ohio last year.

Ohio University Police Lt. Tim Ryan drove down Piggery Lane on Friday afternoon, approaching a subject who had been giving parking enforcement personnel some issues.

Kentucky agriculture officials and the federal government have finalized an agreement on how industrial hemp seeds may be imported into the state.

After reaching the deal Friday, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture has agreed to drop a lawsuit filed in May over acquiring the seeds.