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Panel members have two weeks to submit revisions or new recommendations

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Johnson spent 22 years in the Ohio House before becoming budget director for then-Gov. Bob Taft
The ruling stems from an issue involving a wastewater-treatment plant in Fairfield County


Some say it would help female students protect themselves, detractors say it doesn't address the fundamental issues


Temperatures are expected to feel more like spring this week


Stories of the week from Athens and Ohio University


Backers of an effort to legalize marijuana in Ohio for medicinal and recreational use have started collecting the thousands of signatures needed to get the proposal before voters.
Ohio's transportation budget was expected to head to Gov. John Kasich without a provision to boost the speed limit to 75 mph on certain rural freeways and the turnpike.
An agreement has been reached over death row inmates' subpoenas of Board of Pharmacy information about drugs used for lethal injection in Ohio.
The panel commissioned by Gov. John Kasich to study police and community relations in Ohio is getting closer to a final report.
Athens County Democrats have appointed a new sheriff for the fourth time.
After being appointed for the first time one-year ago this month, Rodney Smith was appointed to Acting Athens County Sheriff by the Democratic Central Committee on Wednesday.

A bill cracking down on low-performing Ohio charter schools and imposing a host of new accountability standards on sponsors has cleared its first legislative hurdle.

State senators have passed Ohio's transportation budget after a committee dropped a proposal that would have raised the speed limit to 75 mph on certain rural freeways and the turnpike.

Update 3:43 p.m. The Ohio Senate has approved a proposal to extend the 20-year time period for prosecuting rape and sexual battery.

The bill provides an additional five years for prosecution from the time a potential suspect is identified through DNA testing.

The state Supreme Court has ordered a northeastern Ohio school board to release the names of replacement teachers brought in during a 2013 strike.

More than 80 faculty members have signed an open letter expressing their discontent with Ohio University's plan to secure new housing for its president.

The letter states that the $1.2 Million lease-to-own agreement for 31 Coventry Lane is a "very poor use of scarce resources."