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Business leaders say repealing Common Core would have an adverse effect on the job market

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An overview of the history of Common Core in Ohio
Gloucester man accepts plea deal for 10 years in prison


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Issue of HIV/AIDS still looms large over gay community


Athens County officials are considering applying for federal funds to purchase a command vehicle for use at emergencies and at events that require increased security.

Royal Dutch Shell says it has agreed to sell drilling rights in shale formations in Louisiana and Wyoming for $2.1 billion in two transactions.

Shell also said Thursday that it will also receive drilling rights to land in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Several Cuyahoga County employees have been disciplined for lacking valid driver's licenses while the county's executive lacked a permanent one for years.

Health officials say no measles cases have been reported in Ohio since mid-July, while mumps cases continue to be tallied.

377 cases of measles have been reported in nine counties, with the last on July 23.

Ohio's unemployment rate for July ticked up slightly after job reports for the last two months showed the rate at its lowest level since before the Great Recession.

The fired director of Ohio State's marching band is formally requesting his job back, citing alleged flaws in a university investigation and a positive performance review issued weeks before he was terminated.

A roundabout is being built at the intersection of West Union and Smith Streets to improve pedestrian safety in the area.

State officials have announced a plan to send Ohio businesses and public employers rebate checks from the state's insurance fund for injured workers.

Police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson used helicopters, armored vehicles and the threat of arrests Wednesday to try to control an area that's been torn by racial tension and outrage over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager this past weekend.

An employee of the Athens County Sheriff’s Office who was Pat Kelly’s administrative assistant until he was suspended has resigned under scrutiny.