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Grant will fund pilot program to help expecting mothers with opiate addiction

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Ohio agencies received nearly 4,900 assault rifles since 2006
People need to resolve questions about citizenship or immigration status


Half-hour nightly television news program
Both sides taking to social media to give a first hand perspective to violence


Slight chance of rain this afternoon


Issue of HIV/AIDS still looms large over gay community


Thousands of young people will being gaining support to achieve academic and occupational milestones.

Update 4:49 p.m. An incident in downtown Athens led to the arrest of a man on a sexual battery charge early Thursday morning.

Keep Athens funky. It’s a phrase that can be seen on bumper stickers and heard muttered around the city. But the completion of an 18-month planning project to find the “essence” of Athens could do just that.

One-pot shake-n-bake meth labs are becoming more popular, but can prove to be dangerously explosive.

Although talks are only in the beginning stages, the Athens Farmers Market may have found a new home, not too far from its current location.

Courts continue to implement rules to control the use of new media like Facebook and Twitter in the courtroom while becoming more approving of the media sending real-time dispatches from court proceedings, according to a survey report released today by the Conference of Court Public Information O

State and local elected officials in Columbus are showing what Ohio's capital city has to offer as they make their pitch to host the Democratic Party's next presidential convention.

C. David Snyder owes his former employees about $143,000.

Following a federal investigation, a judge ordered the former CEO of Attevo to put that money back into the now defunct information technology company’s retirement plan.

Update 5:10 p.m. A state official says that Ohio has traditionally defined marriage as between a man and woman, and that same-sex marriage is too new to be considered a deeply rooted, fundamental right.

Officials say about 1,000 inmates at a central Ohio women's prison dumped their lunches in the trash after another discovery of maggots in the serving area.