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Report shows noise complaints at a 10-year low


Some say it would help female students protect themselves, detractors say it doesn't address the fundamental issues


Stories of the week from Athens and Ohio University


A York Twp. road crew found what turned out to be a “one pot” meth lab that apparently was discarded along a roadway.

Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A. Inc. says it plans to expand its Wood County commercial truck assembly plant and eventually add 50 full-time positions.
The company announced Thursday the investment of up to $8 million at the Williamstown facility.
The FBI and local police are asking for help identifying a suspect in up to 20 bank robberies in central Ohio who they've dubbed the "Buckeye Bandit."
The public will learn next week about plans to clean up a chemical storage site on the Elk River that was the source of a public water crisis in West Virginia.
Thousands of Ohio adoptees are about to take advantage of a law giving them access to their adoption files and birth certificates.
Awards ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 are going to medical and dental students who are committing to practice for at least two years in high-need locations in West Virginia.

The Ohio University Foundation today announced it has entered into a lease agreement for a home and surrounding property, which will serve as the Ohio University presidential residence.

Two more cities are challenging an Ohio traffic camera law they say would restrict cities' use of the cameras and are asking county courts to find the law unconstitutional.

Lunch and drinking water is going to be coming from a different source at Morrison-Gordon Elementary while crews fix a water main break in the area.

Ohio officials say nearly 1 million taxpayers have taken a new quiz used by the state to catch phony income-tax returns and most have passed it.